Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Desert Rose Quilt

I am continuing to add more quilting to my daughter-in-laws
Desert Rose Quilt that her great grandmother made as a quilt top;
and I am doing the quilting.  I work on it now and then.
I have stitches over the entire quilt now and want to add in some more.

I have all the white blocks quilted with the center design;
and want to add a quarter inch border around the block now.
This is an old quilt top and it needs all the stitches to help hold it together.

Here is a closer look at some of the blocks.

I am using a large hoop and I rest the quilt on a TV tray
to do the quilting.

We are working on a room for me to sit and quilt with better lighting.
It has been slow going but hope to make some more progress soon.

Summer is over and Autumn has arrived and the time is right to start hand quilting again.

~ Sandra ~


  1. Isn't it wonderful Sandra, to have something to look forward to, as the days grow shorter and our homes become cozier?
    The quilt is lovely and so is your stitching :D

  2. Dear Sandra ... This is an absolutely beautiful quilt. Wishing you a warm and cosy fall season. Homespun Hugs ♥ Teri

  3. This is amazing! It is a blessing indeed, to have something so beautiful to work on. The colors are so bright and pretty on the quilt itself. Your work area looks perfect!

  4. It's beautiful! One would never know it is an old quilt top; the colors still look bright and cheerful!

  5. Beautiful quilt. I bet DIL is quite happy that your are doing this for her. Now she will have memories of you and her grandmother. Janice

  6. This is so pretty. Your stitches are lovely. You do such beautiful work. Hugs, lj

  7. ..."and it needs all the stitches to help hold it together." I like that, and also that every stitch not only gives it strength but beauty. I couldn't help peeking behind the quilt to admire your beautiful home.

  8. This quilt is beautiful and I love that you are hand quilting it. There is such a joy in hand-quilting . . . so much love goes into each and every stitch. I truly enjoyed this post and just became your newest follower. I do hope that you will visit my blog again. Making new blogging friends, with common interests warms my heart.
    Connie :)

  9. What a treasure - made by distant relatives and now quilted by you - she will certainly have something precious when you finish. Love the pattern. When I hand quilt I also use a wooden tv tray to balance the quilting - though I don't use a hoop - just do it stretched lightly across the tv tray. Happy quilting ahead.

  10. What a beautiful and quilt and I really love the quilting design that you chose. It looks perfect. Your daughter-in-law will treature it always.

  11. That's a labor of love, for sure. And it will be a lovely heirloom for your DIL!

  12. Oh your daughter in law will be so thrilled with this, just beautiful work you are doing on the stitching, just lovely!! Hope you can get your quilting room soon

  13. How lovely it all looks! What a nice job you are doing! Cant wait to see your quilting room!

  14. It's a beautiful quilt. It will be a family treasure. Hugs