Wednesday, August 2, 2017

In my Backyard

We have been in a drought this Spring & Summer.
We are limited to special days when we can water our yards.
They think it best if we use as little as possible;
and keep what we have for an emergency.

Earlier in the Spring I had some roses blooming;
before the weather got too hot.

We have this red rose bush that gets covered in blooms;
but last only for a short while.

I also have one pink rose bush.
It only bloomed a few flowers.

We have no pets of our own.
I enjoy feeding and putting out water for the wildlife
in our backyard.

I had a mother duck with her little ducklings walk along our fence line.
As hard as I tried to zoom in...this is the best I could do.
She must of had a dozen baby ducklings.
Even the momma duck was rather small in size.

I wish she could have come through the fence to come to our little watering dishes.
You can see the grass was still a bit green at this time.

I have been trying to post a picture of a bad bunny that keeps coming around and chewing the tops off my Sunflowers.  He seems to come very early in the mornings.

This one lone sunflower was bitten off when it was around 10 inches tall.
I left it in the ground and later saw that it was growing leaves again.
Now we have one bloom and more about to open.

 Notice how golden the grass is...

Another goal of mine was to bring prettier birds to our backyard.
Other than the common brown finches.

I was so pleased when I finally looked out my window and saw this pretty yellow bird.
I have seen them out at my son's home here in the country;
as well as at my son's home in Colorado.

We put new seed out on Sunday and then Monday morning I saw this yellow bird.

We also had just purchased this bird bath at Menard's.  It was only around $8.00.
Well, sometimes you get what you pay for.  The plastic gets hot in the sun and will lean one way or another.  But, the birds come and splash and drink so I guess it is good enough.

We have a special tree with all the goodies for the squirrels to eat and play.
They don't seem to bother any of my flowers.

This little squirrel loves to come for a drink of water.

This window is in my sewing room.
It is large and I love the light it brings in.
The way our yard slopes the window sits practically right on the ground.
I have a water pan and a feeder and a bird bath all right in front of this window.
Most of my pictures are taken right here from this view.
I clean this window often; but the birds splash in the bird bath and spray water everywhere!

My ironing board is set up right in front of this window.
It makes for perfect lighting to see as I iron.
The birds and animals have been getting so use to seeing me while
I sew or iron; they don't often fly away anymore.

Later I will show more of my sewing space.

I am happy to say "today" we got rain for the first time in a long time.
Maybe our grass will green up a bit?

So what better way to spend the day...
baking some Apricot Bread from some fresh apricots from my DIL's fruit trees.

Hope you are having some Summertime Fun.

~ Sandra ~


  1. Great post, Sandra! Even greater is that you got rain!!! What fun it is to feed the little wild critters. And, what wonderful large windows through which to watch them when they come to eat and drink and splash! I surely am looking forward to seeing your sewing room!

  2. These are wonderful snapshots of all the beautiful wildlife (flora and fauna!) around your house. That little yellow bird must have just flown up from GA. Michael keeps seeing a yellow bird in our yard, and I keep missing it. Love the duck family! Yes, we are excited about your sewing room! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  3. Yes, so thankful for your rain! We've had a good summer and are having cooler than normal temps for a few days. Grass is so green and lush; of course that can change in a short time. I usually don't feed the birds in the summer, but there was some bird seed left and no room in the freezer for it, so it's out and the birds come.

  4. Beautiful flowers. Hope you get some rain soon. We planted a honeysuckle vine last year and have been enjoying the hummingbirds. Janice

  5. Oh Sandra so good to hear you have finally had some rain, we have been in drought before and I know how bad it can be. How fun that you have new birds coming to the yard, I too think we should get a bird feeder right now I just put a little water out on my table on the deck, not sure if they really use it much. One year we planted sunflowers all along our fence and when they were about 5 inches tall they came along and ate them right down to the ground, I was so sad, all that work just gone. We have ducks that fly inside our yard and eat the bird feed that falls onto the ground. It's fun to have them come visit :) I hope you continue to get some rain and things green up again for you!

  6. Oh Sandra, I so feel for you going through a drought. Living in Texas my whole life........I am so used to years of dry harsh weather......when drought and high winds makes the dirt and sand strangle everything. How wonderful that you have watering spaces for the wildlife!

  7. Oh my, that apricot bread just looks sooooo good to me tonight. We have had such a hot dry spell here in Oregon too. Most of the yards are as you said, golden. I am ready for fall.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.