Monday, July 24, 2017

Visiting Colorado

We have just returned from a one week semi-vacation in Colorado.

We met our newest family member,
our Grand-doggy "Oakley"
a rescued Siberian Husky two year old.

With his new mommy; our daughter-in-law "V".

We also went there to help with some home improvements.
They wanted to lay some wood flooring 
to replace some carpeting.  My DIL Vanessa and our son James.

While there I revisited some cross stitch pictures I had made previously for my son.

Above is the Wolf cross stitch I made for my son;
and you can see her beautiful wedding bouquet she had made for their wedding.

Above is another wolf cross stitch I had previously made for my son.

The project above was one of the hardest ever cross stitch projects.
It was on linen and had lots of half and quarter cross stitches.
The places to stitch were so small.  I got lots of help from my 
other DIL "M"; she did more than I did I am certain.  
I am afraid that they received this gift a year or two after the actual wedding.

I also got to see the photo we took and had framed when we visited 
The Roosevelt National Park when we first came to North Dakota.
This is the actual cabin that Teddy Roosevelt lived in as a child.
It was moved to and is able to be visited.

One day during our visit we took the day off from working and went traveling.

The water was sparkling clean and the sky so blue.
And some of the wild flowers; so pretty to see.

We saw this Castle.

We could see the mountains all around us.

The air was quite a bit harder to breath way up here.
We were at Mount Evans.
Elevation 14,130 feet.

Some of the wild life on the mountain.

We stopped in an old mining town for lunch on the way home.
We were sitting outside where they welcome dog owners to sit and eat with their pets.
This was the view from our table.

We wanted to walk through the town and take pictures;
but a storm started and there was thunder and lighting
and it started to down pour rain.  People were dashing for their cars.

This is the flooring when completed.
We actually helped with the tile work on a previous trip
a couple years ago.

We had a personal escort at the Denver Airport 
that helped us get through more easily.

Our daughter-in-law the Pilot.

She did not fly the airplane we were on.
  She was on her way to work and just helped us find our way around the airport.
Someday we hope to fly on one of her flights!

It was a wonderful week away.
Visiting with family and meeting "Oakley".
Seeing such wonderful sights!

~ Sandra ~


  1. I so enjoyed this post, especially the photos of the oh-so-lovely you! Now, I feel as though I really know this far-away and talented friend! A week long get-away can surely do one a lot of good. I am ready for a bit of time off, even if it is only a change of pace for a day or so.

    1. We had a lovely time away. It was nice seeing CO again since we have lived there twice before; although it keeps growing and the number of people and traffic and homes seems a bit too much for me now that we live in a small town atmosphere. Once up in the mountains it is a whole different world.

  2. Sandra, these are great photos and your narrative takes us right over on that side of the Mississippi! Your cross stitch projects were beautiful. Amazing how much your work looks like Oakley. He is a treasure!

    1. Thank you. I have done wolves for my youngest son and bears for my middle son; we have some other cross stitch projects here for my husband as well. And then there are the ones I enjoy doing for myself. My son has wanted a Husky for a long time; so happy that it has finally happened. They are all a happy family now.

  3. How cool that your DIL is a pilot! Your vacation pics look amazing. The farthest west I have been is Kansas City, MO. Smokey Mts the highest peaks I have been to as well. Glad you had a good time and escort to the airport. Janice

    1. Actually I have two DIL's that fly planes; one is a commercial airline pilot and the other is a flight instructor. They both amaze me with their talents. I don't even like to drive cars. lol We come from California originally and have lived in Colorado two different times and now we are in the Dakotas.

  4. Oh, Sandra ... it is so nice to see your pictures of your time away. Your grand doggy is so pretty. We have been at the Summit of Mount Evans, but it has been many years ago. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your week. Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

    1. Hi Teri, we had a good visit. The city of Denver is much too busy a life for me but when you can escape to the mountains...Colorado is a beautiful place. It was actually cold while we were up there. So happy we were blessed with this trip.

  5. Your own personal escort to the airport and your daughter-in-law a pilot no less, how very cool. It looks as if you had a lovely time away. What a great job you did on the floor. Those cross stitches that you did, Sandra are lovely. More examples of your amazing stitchery skills. Love the photos of you and your husband.

    1. Some day we definitely want to fly as a passenger on one of her flights. We are very proud of her. She loves her job. The flooring was a nice home improvement for them; especially with Oakley living with them now. He loves the cooler temperatures and the summer heat can be hard on him. He loves to lay on the floors; much cooler than the carpets. I always enjoy seeing what I have stitched for my family and it encourages me to keep on stitching.

  6. Oh it looks like it was a terrific trip, help the kids out and have a little bit of vacationing and sight seeing time in there too!
    You have done such beautiful stitchings, I have tried working on linen and it is just too hard for me, especially now that I am getting older I have to do 14 count work or nothing at all.

    1. It was wonderful having some family time and do a little sight seeing as well. As far as cross stitching I need to stay with 14 count too. I also enjoy doing the pre-stamped projects so that you don't need to even count the spaces.

  7. Sandra, I am so glad you had this time away...helping your son and daughter-in-law, enjoying time together and having outings together. What fun! Oakley is beautiful!

    1. Family is important and we enjoy any reason for us to all get together. It was a great trip and we loved meeting "Oakley" he is as sweet as he is beautiful.

  8. Wow, what a great trip. Colorado is so beautiful. A lot of hours certainly went into such lovely stitchery. Awesome job on the floor too.

    1. We were happy to have the chance to go to Colorado again; especially to see family. The city itself keeps growing; so many people and so much traffic. But, a chance to go to the mountains and see the views made things seem so much calmer. It is always fun to see how the DIL has decorated their home. It was great meeting "Oakley". While they did the home repairs...I spent some time taking the dog for walks. Anxious now for them to be able to come for a visit here!

  9. What an adventure! It looks like you had a wonderful time. It's nice to get away and see the country and meet the newest additon to the family!

  10. What a wonderful trip. Oakley is beautiful. I so enjoyed all your photos and your cross stitch is just amazing. Hugs, LJ