Thursday, November 27, 2014

A new little quilt project.

A little quilt project all cut and ready to start sewing.  It is called "Christmas around the World".

Friday, I may start the sewing and piecing of this little quilt top.  Hope to have it all done and be able to display for this Christmas. 

Today is Thanksgiving.  A day we will spend with some very special friends.  Sharing friendship and food and goodies.

Prairie Patchwork Quilts


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sandra! Your little quilt top will be a lovely addition to Christmas decor.

  2. What a happy and festive li'l quilt. It will certainly add a li'l Christmas cheer to your home. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends, Sandra!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I love the start of your quilt. Christmas around the world is a wonderful idea.

  4. This is looking so pretty already! How lovely it will be on your Christmas table! Have fun stitching up this happy little quilt! xo

  5. This quilt will be perfect for a Christmas atmosphere!